Friday, 6 February 2015

Festival Style 2015

These are a few of the outfits I wore last week at Luminate Festival. Photos taken by the amazing Isaac Henry. He's my new official fashion blog photographer! 

Day 1: Please excuse my ridiculously cheesy smile. I was stoked because we'd just finished setting up our new home (tent) for the week. I'm wearing the denim top that I made out of a secondhand dress and a pair of amazing silk patchwork drop-crotch pants I bought at the last Luminate Festival two years ago. Isaac gave me the useful tip of wetting my top to stay cool as it was almost unbearably hot that day. 

Day 2: Mirror selfie! Featuring Gemma looking majestic in the background, wearing the amazing antlers she makes. I'm wearing the sunflower top that I made recently and a skirt I bought ages ago at Trash Palace. I'm really into crop tops at the moment. This photo was taken in the stall I was working at, my friend Briar's shop 'Rethreads.' Me and some friends also sold a few of our own creations there.

NOTE: On day's 3 & 4: it rained like crazy so I didn't manage to take any photos, but I was just wearing boring warm clothes so you're not missing much.

Day 5: Embracing the sun when it finally came back out! Wearing my yellow corduroy jacket, tie-dye tights from Gemma and my space top which I made out of a secondhand t-shirt from Briar.

Day 6: This is one of my favourite shots that Isaac took of me. The tie-dye top has a good story... I was on my way to visit my friend's campsite when I passed a young woman chilling by her tent, I complimented on the top she was wearing and her reply was "Oh thank you, I've actually got some more if you want to buy for $5 each?" So I bought one and Gemma ended up getting one aswell. The red fishnet cardigan I bought from an opshop in Newtown and the scarf from Whirled in Nelson. The skirt is one of Gemma's creations, it's made of silk and she's dyed it naturally with onion skins, red cabbage and various other food waste products.

Day 7: On the last day of the festival I traded Briar's Vagabond (her new brand name which is replacing Rethreads) crochet cardigan for a few hours working in her stall. She hand dyed it using pieces of iron and leaves. The dress is from Trash Palace and the elephant belt is from the Vinnies in Aro Valley.

Make sure you always pack a range of clothing to any festival/camping trip! You can never be too sure what the weather will be like - we had scorching hot sun, days of rain and mud and freezing cold wind, so being prepared is essential. 

I hope you enjoyed my special festival style blog post. Let me know what you think... The rest of the photos will be up soon on my facebook page Maniana's Style.