Thursday, 3 April 2014

Black Velvet Sunset

I had so much fun taking these photos this afternoon! The lighting was just perfect as the sun was setting behind the house. I got a wee bit artistic with my poses this time, I figured it's more exiting than me just standing there. I stole this awesome jacket from my mum, I found the crop top at the red cross opshop in Nelson, the belt is actually one of my dad's old ties, the velvet skirt and the animal necklace were second hand from a friend, and I got the Mayan calendar necklace at Luminate festival in 2013. I love the patterns on my jacket, they're pretty intense so I always wear block coloured items with it. I also love velvet! I often experiment with different kinds of textiles in my outfit to create interesting variation in textures. I like wearing tight fitted things underneath looser over-garments so that my shape doesn't get lost in a sea of fabric.
To see the rest of my photos from this shoot go to:


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